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Have you submitted your current resume and not getting any calls?  Studies say that employers will take only 20 seconds to look at this 1-2 page representation of yourself before deciding whether to keep or discard it. To ensure that you will make it past that initial screening, you should design your resume in such a way that employers can read the document easily and process information quickly. 

As a job seeker, you are selling a very important product - YOU! Since you will be marketing yourself to potential employers, you can view the resume as your "sales brochure." A good sales brochure will always describe both the features and benefits of the product. Therefore your resume should describe your features (your strengths, expertise, experience, education and accomplishments) and your benefits (the results you have produced for past employers.) Your professional resume writer will help your new looking resume stand out from the crowd.   

The purpose of your resume services Philadelphia is to pique the prospective employer's interest and open the door for further communication. In order to accomplish this, your resume needs to be tailored or "targeted" towards the specific type of position you are seeking. Instead of simply providing a laundry list of past jobs and responsibilities, your resume must be a powerful selling tool, which showcases the ultimate value of hiring you. 

Creating an effective, accomplishment-based resume is a worthwhile investment, a well-written resume will set you apart from the competition. Once you've completed your resume, you will enter your job search with renewed energy and will be able to network and interview with confidence. 

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At Channing Resumes, we have written thousands of resumes and know the correct format and keywords hiring managers are looking for.  Our training and methods for resume writing are based on research done with hiring managers and how they review resumes. Send us an email to get started today!